Power generation planning

In terms of power generation management LUXtrade system supports users in planning power generation with taking into account outage plans and in enabling negotiating these plans within holding.

Information sharing portal is designated to communication with power plants and enables:

  • Negotiating outage plans with power plant in the long term,
  • Adding outage plans, power limitations of JWCD (generative units under central dispatch) by power plants.

Thanks to events planning register LUXtrade system provides features of:

  • Determining the amount of energy that is required to be sold in order to ensure minimum for selected generative units,
  • Determining the amount of energy that is required to be sold as standard products in order to fulfil assumed generation plan,
  • Optimising generation plans for selected generative units,
  • Planning generation while maintaining power reserves,
  • Determining costs of fixed plans,
  • Graphic presentation of power reserves with taking into account outages,
  • Defining power generation plans for each of days of week,
  • Generating generation reports (monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly),
  • Selecting generative units according to variable cost.

Additionally, in respect of reporting, LUXtrade system allows registering in real-time events related to generative units operation.

Portfolio management

In terms of portfolio management LUXtrade system supports users in monitoring contracts position for many commodities, market valuations, optimisations and scenario analysis.

Fundamental system features:

  • Defining personalised methods of transactions grouping within portfolio,
  • Rights to portfolios for various group users,
  • Inter-portfolio relations,
  • Monitoring open position in respect of commodity, trader, contractor and other options,
  • Open position in real-time,
  • Open product position,
  • Forward curves,
  • Mark-to-Market (MtM) valuation,
  • Mark-to-Forecast (MtF) valuation,
  • Risk Neutral Position (RNP) valuation,
  • History of open position reports,
  • Profit and Loss (P&L) report,
  • KRI/KPI rates,
  • KRI/KPI rates limits,
  • Mail alerts,
  • Mandates.


Forecasting module in LUXtrade system was designed to foresee data in form of time sequences such as heat and electricity demands or energy and resources prices.


  • Creating selected forecasts of demand and market prices for various time horizons,
  • Creating prognoses that take into account any number of factors, such as weather forecast or historic data,
  • Selecting models from wide spectrum of predefined models,
  • Selecting type of forecast time horizon (days of week, weekend, holidays) and appropriate model,
  • Functions that enable calculating diverse statistics and finding erroneous models,
  • Selecting method of data presentation: charts, diagrams, sequences or error histograms,
  • Adding manual corrections and including them to forecast,
  • Wide selection of tools for precise forecasts:
  • Time sequences (AR, ARX, ARMAX, SARIMA, ARCH, GARCH),
  • Artificial neural networks (e.g. NARX),
  • Simulation models,
  • SVM models,
  • Random Forest,
  • Regression trees,
  • k-NN,
  • Expert models,
  • Hybrid models for minimising variance errors,
  • Creating new models in R – most popular programming language and software environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Data warehouse

Data warehouse provides essential data for each of user groups and introduces standardised access to data as a central repository of integrated data. Data warehouse is fully satisfying company needs in analysis and reporting as well as development and operating decision support systems.

  • Standard market data feeders mechanisms in energy and gas trading,
  • Possibility of including new subject areas using existing infrastructure,
  • Aggregating data and calculating complicated algorithms that improves reporting efficiency,
  • ETL processes management from Event Detection Module,
  • Loading data from any source (databases, flat files, websites etc.).

Supply planning and generation optimisation

In terms of supply planning and generation optimisation LUXtrade system provides:

  • Multifactorial optimisation of generative units,
  • Electrical load optimisation of generative units in terms of cost that can include emission allowances,
  • Automatic documents generation for TSO (Transmission System Operator) in terms of sale, purchase and cross-border exchange as well as final generation optimisation documents generation,
  • Balancing trade volume and price.

Risk management

LUXtrade system supports market risk management of wholesale power, property rights, emission allowances and gas trading in relation to possible unfavourable changes of contracts portfolio value that are caused by variable market conditions.

Fundamental system features:

  • Possible market factors impact analysis for comparing exposed to risk open position,
  • Forward curves simulations,
  • Modelling risk factors with time sequences and stochastic processes,
  • Calculating Value-at-Risk (VaR), Profit-at-Risk (PaR) risk rates using historical, variance-covariance, Monte-Carlo methods,
  • Creating comparisons to improve decision process and reporting for risk analysis of transactions in realisation,
  • Statistic models,
  • Integration with R environment for statistical and mathematical computing.

Retail business support

Retail business support is realised by several, separate modules that communicates with each other e.g. settlement data management is communicated with external tool for settlement documents generation.

  • Collecting measurement data from all Polish DNOs (Distribution Network Operators),
  • Calculating settlement values in accordance with settlement or measurement periods,
  • Automatic calculation of consumption in balancing points,
  • Searching measurement points that are not configured in system and for which operator is providing measurement data,
  • Agreements with contractors register,
  • Customer settlements in accordance with tariffs,
  • Wide selection of settlements configuration: trading fees, acknowledging property rights colours etc.
  • Configuring invoice and annex templates.

Wholesale trade support

Wholesale trade support in LUXtrade system covers agreements management and energy, gas and other related instruments trading support. Applied solutions allow entering data easily and enable quick access and modifying data which is critically important in real-time trading. Interface, unified for all supported trading platforms is intuitive and ergonomic and permits on-line data synchronisation.

LUXtrade system in terms of wholesale trade support provides:

  • Dividing between segments contracts for whole of the market, framework contracts, final customers, inter-system exchange contracts,
  • Trade on electronic commodities platforms of data sharing in one place (TGE, EEX, ICE, InfoEngine),
  • On-line monitoring contracts and transmission capacities position,
  • Capability of quick reaction to the changing market situation,
  • Monitoring prices impact on achieved profit
  • Flexible method of creating and valuating offers,
  • Support in selecting optimal offer,
  • User friendly interface of entering spot and forward transactions,
  • Capability of realising transactions with prices from index,
  • Configuring and verifying trader limits,
  • Transactions authorising (in accordance with SoD – Separation of Duties).

In terms of back-office LUXtrade system features:

  • Contractors management – creating contractors register with option to rank them,
  • Credit risk management,
  • Agreements and annexes register that is connected with documents base maintenance,
  • Setting contracts and settlements parameters adjusted to nature of commodity,
  • Generating settlement data for invoices,
  • Payment register,
  • Standard interface of integration with financial-accounting systems,
  • Transaction reporting in accordance with EMIR and REMIT regulations.

Communication with Transmission System Operator


WIRE - Information sharing between participants of the wholesale electricity market

WIRE is LUXtrade system module that permits Technical Trading Operators and Trading Operators active participation in energy trading in Hourly Balancing Market. Module’s task is information sharing with TSO (Transmission System Operator) requirements. Module is completely integrated with LUXtrade supporting companies operating on energy market.

Module features:

  • Sending all of the required documents for each type of Market Participants,
  • Monitoring documents sending process to central node (COA, COD, POD),
  • Enables providing TTO (Technical Trading Operator) and TO (Trading Operator) services,
  • Sending and storing documents for many generative unit groups,
  • Creating ZUSE (Notification of Energy Sale Contract) documents,
  • Controlling balancing units with blockading sending incomplete number of documents or unbalanced documents,
  • Supports creating ZOBH (Notification of Balancing Offer – Trade) documents with price lists, templates and algorithms of filling the offer,
  • Verifying ZUSE and ZOBH documents in accordance with rules of Balancing Market,
  • Importing ZUSE and ZOBH documents created in another system using text file (.csv).


WIRE module includes set of applications to archive, process and share data. All of the applications are located on module’s server and does not require specialised client programmes.

There are two separate bases in WIRE module: current and archival. This division permits smooth creation of documents in current base, viewing and creating reports from historical data as well as limiting access to selected features. WIRE module has also graphic and sound signalisation of receiving document from TSO.

SOWE - System for Operational Collaboration with Power Plants

Module was designed for effective collaboration and communication between Transmission System Operator and power plants.

Module enables:

  • Preparing, sharing and negotiating generation plans in documents that do or do not include planned generative units conditions,
  • Monitoring processes such as maintenance, start-up, outage failures or generation limitations,
  • Accessing generative units loads and generation plans from Transmission System Operator for each of units, verifying plans correctness,
  • Documents validation and monitoring with taking into account current operative capacity of generative units,
  • Supporting wind generative units,
  • Monitoring in one SOWE system many generative units.


  • Communication with all of the German TSOs with Intern/Extern documents,
  • Automatic and manual import of transmission capacities file from auction office CAO,
  • Intern/Extern notification generation from concluded inter-system energy and transmission capacities transactions,
  • Notification import from XML file,
  • Calculating German areas unbalanced position,
  • Sending Intern/Extern notifications and SRQ document to German TSOs via e-mail and FTP,
  • Receiving German TSOs responses from post or FTP server,
  • Presenting notifications and responses from German TSOs,
  • Notifications previews not yet confirmed by CNF document,
  • Presenting history of all of the notifications and responses in selected time frame,
  • Quick switch between e-mail/FTP communication,

Reporting and data analysis

LUXtrade reporting module is a Business Intelligence class tool which enables creating reports of various company operational areas by sale, generation, customers, supplies, distribution and many other analyses.

Module enables:

  • Creating reports and analyses from multiple areas data,
  • Quick and easy access to business data using MS Excel interface,
  • Automatic reports distribution,
  • User friendly and adaptable interface that does not require knowledge of any programming languages or database structures.
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